As 2019 ends, I’m near to completing my New Year’s Resolution. I’ve never actually been successful in that. How many of us have? Resolutions tend to be aspirational, and I have made many failed resolutions over the years. I recently read Ben Bergeron’s book Chasing Excellence: A Story About Building the World’s Fittest Athletes. First-of-all, let me tell you this book isn’t just for, or about, athletes. Yes, Bergeron is a top-tier coach with suchContinue Reading


As I begin adding more carnivore and CrossFit posts, I thought I should move the bulk of that to a different site. Here at New Moon Fitness, we focus on strength training. I love strength training, and do weekly accessory work in my studio. And I continue to train clients with strength training on the weekends. Strength training is a better choice for many of us who want general fitness and health without the intensityContinue Reading


Want to lose body fat and keep it off? Well I have a magic pill. I’m not kidding. There is one thing that will take the fat off you with no dangerous side effects or hard work. Usually, my discussions with clients proceed like this: Most clients want to lose fat. I tell them that to do this successfully — to lose fat and keep it off — requires a lifestyle change. That change primarilyContinue Reading


Depression is epidemic, right along with diabetes type 2. We can make educated guesses as to why, but that’s not the point of this post. My oldest son (16 years old) was diagnosed with depressive disorder this past year. First thing the doctor did was put him on daily medication. He also had us consult a dietitian who wanted him to eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. My son took the meds for aContinue Reading


Intermittent fasting has become a thing. Have you tried it or plan to? Or maybe you’ll be fasting for a few days this Lenten season? For whatever reason you fast, the process will teach you about yourself and provide benefits both physiologically and psychologically. Whether you’re fasting/feasting a regular number of hours/daily (16/8 seems to be common) or doing an occasional long fast (36 hours is pretty convenient to try, eating dinner then fasting theContinue Reading


Rise and shine. See the liquid in that bowl? That’s the fat from my 75/25 beef. A decade ago I would have drained that before eating. How ridiculous it seems now! Had a discussion this morning with a man who does endurance sports and was wondering about the keto diet. If you enjoy endurance sports, you can’t do better than keto. Become a fat burner and you’ll see PRs you never expected, not to mentionContinue Reading

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The EAT-Lancet Commission is a conglomeration of vegan billionaires and animal rights activists, vegetarian politicians and scientists, Seventh Day Adventists, and Big Food who are trying to force their ideology on the world through manipulation, taxes, and bans…but no science. Paleo was a grassroots movement that began about 20 years ago. As it grew, it challenged the grain-based status quo and led to revelations of bad science and political agendas. Paleo has grown in popularityContinue Reading

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After a lot of years training adults of all abilities and ages, I’ve learned one thing really well: few adults like high-intensity exercise. As a trainer, I know high intensity is the best bang for your buck: a few short and intense work outs each week are going to get you fitter faster than more frequent moderate work outs. You can find plenty of science online that explains the advantages of high-intensity interval training (HIIT)Continue Reading

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You see it parroted by everyone: drink 8 glasses (64 fl oz) of water a day. Most of those telling you this have heard it from someone who heard it from someone who heard it from someone. Even your doctor likely has no idea whether there are any facts to back this up. And there aren’t. Firstly, the research on hydration isn’t about water per se. It’s about all sources of liquid. That includes liquidContinue Reading

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It’s the beginning of the year. You want to change things. You want to improve your health and fitness. What’s the first step? Lock yourself into a gym membership. If you spend the money, you’ll HAVE to go, right? Committing your future self to better choices than your present self is a strategy we have all tried. It doesn’t work. I know this from my own experience. And I actually LOVE exercise. I joined globogymsContinue Reading