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Do One Thing for Better Health

My favorite nutrition authority is Dr Georgia Ede. She’s a psychiatrist and much of her analysis and recommendations focus on the mental health effects of foods. The really interesting thing is how her focus leads to the same diet choices as those of us simply seeking weight loss and optimum health. In other words, ditch the carbs.

If you would like good analysis of current research, not to mention old research, visit her blog at You’ll find a terrific FAQ, links to her publications at Psychology Today (PT), and her video presentations on Youtube.

Recently, Dr Ede published a new article at PT suggesting each of us, healthy or unhealthy, should invest in a glucometer. The reason? Testing our blood sugar level one hour after a meal will give us a good snapshot of how our insulin is working.

Your doctor will use other tests, but they’re designed to find dysfunction — you know, when it’s too late! If you do these simple tests, you’ll discover how insulin resistant you already are (often many years before you are diagnosed with diabetes) and you’ll find out what foods are the worst for you in terms of raising your blood sugar level.

Ten years ago I was obese and had metabolic syndrome. I changed my lifestyle, progressing from the standard American diet to paleo, primal, keto, and now carnivore. Yesterday I tried the test. One hour after I ate a large second meal of the day, my glucose reading was 77.

It doesn’t get any better than that, from both the viewpoint of insulin resistance (none) and food type (beef and eggs)

Fasting Glucose Reading:

  • Healthy  70-110 mg/dL
  • Pre-diabetic 110-126 mg/dL
  • Diabetic  >126 mg/dL

One hour after meals:

  • Healthy <140 mg/dL
  • Pre-diabetic 140-200 mg/dL
  • Diabetic >200 mg/dL

Read more from Dr Ede at PT: The Number One Tool for Improving Your Health this Year Don’t fly blind—this simple test provides priceless feedback for your journey.

Why? Because what you don’t know about your blood sugar levels can hurt you, and even kill you. This is no exaggeration. You could deteriorate slowly over decades and eventually die of Alzheimer’s disease, or you could literally drop dead of a heart attack tomorrow.

How do you protect yourself from doom and gloom? All you need is a glucometer and compatible test strips, and all you have to do is check your blood glucose one hour after meals.

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