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New Year’s Resolutions

With a new website and new blog comes a first post. I chose to make it about New Year’s Resolutions.

Many of us make them. Few of us stick with them. This year, instead of imagining you’ll change your life in a day and it’ll stick for a year, make your goal more humble. Change ONE MONTH.

Dedicate January to one lifestyle change: a better diet, more intense exercise, a different approach to relationships, daily time for meditation, etc. Pick one so you can really concentrate.

World Carnivore Month

I suggest joining the Carnivore Tribe, at least for a month. If you have wondered about this “new” diet called “carnivore” and maybe seen the television shows that spurn it and hear celebrities argue about it, why not explore it for yourself?

Many of us who eat primarily meat and offal started as paleo eaters. We found success and maybe moved on to a ketogenic diet. The more adventurous may then try carnivore. Why? Because the principle behind all these low-carbohydrate diets is to eat NUTRIENT-DENSE foods. There is nothing more nutrient-dense than animal. What do I mean by “nutrient-dense”? It’s food that supplies not just energy (like carbohydrates) but also building material in the form of essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Animals provide energy PLUS these necessary nutrients Plants do not.

You can start your own educational journey at the following informational websites.

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