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The Vegans Who Will Tax and Ban Your Foods

The EAT-Lancet Commission is a conglomeration of vegan billionaires and animal rights activists, vegetarian politicians and scientists, Seventh Day Adventists, and Big Food who are trying to force their ideology on the world through manipulation, taxes, and bans…but no science.

There are still some investigative journalists (most mainstream news sites are just printing the Eat-Lancet propaganda).

Paleo was a grassroots movement that began about 20 years ago. As it grew, it challenged the grain-based status quo and led to revelations of bad science and political agendas. Paleo has grown in popularity along with other whole food, animal-heavy diets like primal, keto, LCHF, LCHP, and carnivore.

These diets resist being co-opted by industry. That is, whole animal foods need no nutrient fortification (added vitamins, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, chemically-altered seed oils) or additives to convince you to like them (sweeteners, flavors, preservatives, colors), which thereby reduces their profitability margins for global industries:

[Selling cereal] has the attraction…of being what economic analysts call a ‘high margin to cost business’. The raw materials of breakfast cereals, commodity grains, are cheap…. US agricultural subsidies totalled $165 billion in the eleven years 1995 to 2005. Just five crops accounted for 90 per cent of the money – corn, rice, wheat, soya beans and cotton.

One of the biggest costs is not the value of the ingredients, nor the cost of production, but the marketing, which as you might expect from all the activity described above, is typically 20 to 25 per cent of the sales value, according to analysts JP Morgan. About a quarter of your money is going not on the food but on the manufacturer’s cost of persuading you to buy it. That still leaves room for gross margins on processed cereals that are 40 to 45 per cent, with profit margins around the very healthy 17 per cent mark.”

(From “Drop That Spoon: The Truth About Breakfast Cereals”)


The EAT Lancet Commission is actually using this Shift Wheel shown above to manipulate you and control the kinds of foods you eat. “Disguise the change,” “make socially unacceptable”, etc. To understand this global initiative against meat consumption funded by the cereal industry, animal rights activists, and religious ideologues.

This is the point where ‘Big Ag’ steps in, having discovered that the ’plant-based’ lifestyle market generates large profit margins, adding value through the ultra-processing of cheap materials (e.g., protein extracts, starches, and oils).”

This global initiative is seeking to manipulate you—because they can’t outright argue the facts. Do your reading. Be critical thinkers. Trust your own body.

Christopher Snowdon, Head of Lifestyle Economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs has written for Spectator Health following the release of the Lancet report food guidelines.

He says the “EAT-Lancet Commission makes no secret of its intention to force a near-vegan diet on the world’s population through the use of taxes, bans and regulation.” 

“They state their preferred option bluntly: ‘restrict choice’ or, better still, ‘eliminate choice’. In wealthy countries such as Britain, ‘a priority is to offer less than what is currently offered by reducing portions, choice, and packaging’. They even propose ‘rationing on a population scale’.”

The Sun reporter Nick McDermott wrote “under the controversial proposals, adults will be expected to fill their diets with whole grains, soy, veg and nuts.

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