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Tracking Food and Planning Meals

A screen shot from Eat This Much, a popular smartphone food tracker and meal planning app. Look at all those foods and recipes I would have to prep if I still ate paleo!

In the past decade, I’ve paid thousands of dollars for customized PDF downloads, online coaches, full-scale computer programs, and simple smartphone apps. Today, there are many more programs to help you with diet goals.

When looking for help you have to decide what kind of support you’re really looking for.

Do you simply want to track what you eat? Do you want a program that only tracks what you eat by calories, macros, and/or nutrients? You will input the foods yourself through scanning or reading labels. My favorite is My Macos +, a smartphone app.

Do you want meal plans? Do you want a program to plan your meals for you as well as track the details above? You tell the program your goals and depending on the focus of the program, that will be in macronutrients, calories, timing, or calculated through the programs collection of your vitals. An app that gives you a lot for free is Eat This Much.

Screen shot from My Macros+ with a sample carnivore day that includes crossfit

Do you need goal-setting and coaching? Do you want a program that can do all the above but also motivates and helps set your goals? If you’re looking for more of a push or motivation, you’ll likely need more than a computer program; you’ll also need a human coach, whether online or in person. For this, I would find a local Primal Health Coach(Mark Sisson was one of the earliest to train coaches that left the My Plate crap behind). A great program popular with CrossFitters is Renaissance Periodization; they provide PDF templates and you can get coaching, too.

Or Make It Simple. I follow a carnivore way of eating. I love this lifestyle for a number of reasons, but one of the most important is the simplicity. When I ate paleo and then keto, I was doing a lot of planning, shopping, and preparing. This can be an enjoyable creative enterprise for some, but it got tedious for me.

I eat so simply that I don’t need a tracker any more. But I have years of data from when I did. Some of it was fun: trying new recipes, understanding markets, finding bargains.

On CrossFit days, which are high-intensity training, I find I a small amount of carbohydrates helps me recover better, so I add a protein/dextrose shake. After a decade of experimenting, I’ve found intermittent fasting (16/8), eating carnivore, and eating two meals (breakfast and lunch) is perfect for me.

You will only find your perfect by trying things and listening to your own body.

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