Visit my Carnivore CrossFit Website

As I begin adding more carnivore and CrossFit posts, I thought I should move the bulk of that to a different site.

Here at New Moon Fitness, we focus on strength training. I love strength training, and do weekly accessory work in my studio. And I continue to train clients with strength training on the weekends.

Strength training is a better choice for many of us who want general fitness and health without the intensity of CrossFit’s metcons and max lifts. For others, the challenge and intensity of CrossFit is just what keeps us thriving.

Starting in January 2020, I have a new carnivore project, a New Year’s Resolution, and I’ll need a new website for that.

If you’re interested in carnivore lifestyle or CrossFit, you may find some interesting posts at my other website, “A Carnivore doing CrossFit”

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