Which Will You Choose?

Rise and shine. See the liquid in that bowl? That’s the fat from my 75/25 beef.

A decade ago I would have drained that before eating. How ridiculous it seems now! Had a discussion this morning with a man who does endurance sports and was wondering about the keto diet. If you enjoy endurance sports, you can’t do better than keto. Become a fat burner and you’ll see PRs you never expected, not to mention a body that functions longer and sharper on less inflammatory fuel.

Keto is the future of competitive endurance. However, keto is problematic for high-intensity sports, like CrossFit, due to the different energy system prioritized by HIIT, but low carb is still an option. I can get by with 30g of carbs a day but I’ve been ridiculed for saying that. I’m not likely in ketosis due to the amount of protein I eat (I don’t test myself any more). I’m still a fat burner.

Nutrition is complex and you won’t find quality answers from those beholden to the high-margin industries that push grain and sugar products—which means ignore diet advice from about every “authority” out there: CDC, USDA, AMA, AHA, ADA.

A new report just came out of actual emails detailing Coke’s corporate efforts to influence CDC and WHO to preserve corporate profits, and information on international research revealing the corporate influence on public policy. Full report here.

You’re living through an actual scientific paradigm shift: a new and better scientific model of nutrition is suffering attacks from those whose money and reputations rely on the old politically-tainted model. People probably won’t be imprisoned like, say, Galileo, but some LCHF advocates have lost their livelihoods and been barred from speaking out.

Isn’t it exciting?

But it’s not over. A new and desperate push by the journal Lancet, Kellogg’s, Coke, and a billionaire vegan are trying to tax or ban meat with no scientific evidence for their claims. Follow the progress of #EATLancet on Twitter and when you begin seeing all the “news” reports on your favorite sites, please be a critical thinker.


There is very little investigative reporting going on in the mainstream press; most outlets are simply posting these Eat-Lancet Commission white papers as if they have scientific backing. They have none…but they do have plenty conflict of interest.

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